Crêpes 2

Hello hello week end people!

Yes it is the week end and I don’t know where you are, but here the weather definitely calls for comfort food. 

Since it is still pancake day, or rather week (or month? do we really need an excuse to have crêpes?) I thought I’d try L’s gluten free recipe but wanted to make a dinner out of it, like we used to have at home when I was younger (following a tradition from Brittany – where I am NOT from). 

This requires 2 different batters, one for the savoury crêpes – or « galettes » – and one for the sweet ones (although you can use the crêpes mix for everything but don’t put vanilla in it).

Galettes are even easier to make than crêpes so here’s a quick recipe for you to impress your people this week end:


  • 300 gr buckwheat flour (buckwheat is gluten free provided it has not been contaminated by wheat, check when buying it that it is suitable)
  • 750 ml cold water
  • 10 gr coarse salt (or a big pinch of table salt)
  • 1 egg
« Poêle à crêpes »
Mix the flour and salt and gradually add the water until you get a smooth preparation. Add the egg for texture and to get nice golden galettes.
Cook with a tiny nugget of butter, ideally in a flat shallow pan (like the special crêpes pan on the pic), but any non-stick frying pan will do. Once one side is cooked, flip it over to cook the other side: you can use a spatula but it’s much more fun to just slide the crêpe to the edge of the pan then flip it with a flick of your wrist.  
I usually cook all the galettes then fill them in according to taste, it’s nice to be able to customise for each guest. 
One of my favourites is an all time classic, I give you: 

A « complète » or « ham-egg-cheese » can be made 2 different ways: 
in between 2 galettes (a bit like a sandwich) or in 1 galette folded in half (like on the pics here). 

Just heat up a galette in your pan, break an egg on it (slightly to the side if you need to fold it afterwards), add a bit of salt. 
Then add a few shreds of ham and grated cheese. 
Fold the galette in half or add a second one on top and let it cook until the egg is done and the cheese melted. 

It should only take 2 to 4 minutes. You want the yoke to be runny, it’s what gives such a delicious texture when you eat it. Like the French say: « Le yoke, c’est le gravy de la complète »… or maybe they don’t… but you get the idea.

There’s obviously an infinite variety of delicious fillings you can chose from, once again let your imagination take the lead! 

Of course, such a delicious meal calls for DESSERT so we tried L’s recipe (as it is best to let it rest for 1h as well, you can prepare it before eating the galettes or even the day before). Well it works and it was delicious, we even managed to have amazingly thin crêpes (which is not easy with gluten free flour, the gum helps). One of the tricks is to cook them with butter. Please, please, DO resist the terrible temptation to go grease-free because you have a non stick pan! Crêpes are not meant to be dry and sensible, they are happy and tasty and they will never taste as good or be as thin without butter! 

And if that doesn’t cheer up your week end, I’m afraid there’s nothing more L and I can do for you… Wait actually: 
The best way to enjoy crêpes and galettes is with a nice apple cider. There you go!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!



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  1. Nope, still nothing here… My kitchen is not crepes friendly, it tries to burn everything these days… (huummm une complete…)


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