Good Cheese

Hallo, hallo,

New post! 
I was procrastinating about this one. Why? You may ask when one is writing in such an awesome blog? Because I was reading! 

Two weeks ago, I was a bit desperate to find a book about which I would like to write. Last week something amaaaazing happened, it was sunny and warm in London! As we say in French, « ni une, ni deux » (Min’ will explain this one) and I was in the French bookshop in South Kensington to find something to read in the sun. After a few anguishing minutes, I found a book which looked mildly interesting and big enough to last one or two weeks. Picking up this book, I wouldn’t have thought that I would like it that much. Especially when you know that romantic, full of love and good people tend to make me slightly sick. 

This book, called « Le Goût du Bonheur » and written by Marie Laberge is really good, so I’m gonna write a short post in order to go back to my reading (I’m sure you will understand). 
I didn’t find any summaries in english so you will have to believe me when I say it’s good. 

This story takes place in French Canada before the 2nd World War. The writer tells us the story of Gabrielle (the main character) and her family (5 kids, her cool husband, and 2 more or less cool sisters).  You have to bear in mind that the world is starting to move and change quickly at that time. It’s the beginning of the suffragettes, and a young generation of women are starting to feel the difficulty of living a life where they have got to keep their place, raise their children and to be good, obedient wives to their husbands (thank goodness that’s over now!). In this very interesting context, Gabrielle tries to raise her family her own way, which means full of maternal love, understanding, freedom for her children and high moral standards (sounds quite boring described like that, but it’s cool)…
The characters are highly endearing, you want to carry on following to know how they will grow up (good job that it’s a trilogy and the 2 others are about the next generation). It’s a very nice and comforting read and at the end you soooo want to be like Gabrielle (with more drinks).

Well, as I was telling you, it is a short post, but I hope now you want to read this book and let us know what you think about it!

Peace out!


7 réflexions sur “Good Cheese

  1. I probably won't, even if I hear lots of good things, because it's a saga and I'm not really into that. I can even explain why here! ;)


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