Short and (not so) sweet this week – After ever after

 Can I just say this? THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY! Ah, it’s good to let it out! Welcome back or just welcome, it is nice to have you here!

So while Paprika dreams of sailing around the globe and L. is enjoying a long week end on Planet Mars, I am left to entertain you before the weekend. 

I must admit, I am feeling a certain pressure after L.’s last Brèves and the unbeatable pony video. I know the post is in French but just skip straight to the video, it’s worth it. Still, I love a challenge…

Anyways, in our usual « short and sweet«  Friday style, I give you… completely random pics, facts and videos that made my week a bit more bearable. 

Do you remember that guy?

Starting with the serious-ish scientific stuff, paleontologists in Spain have discovered Dinosaur eggs and been able to identify 4 different species (that’s a first). Does it also make you wonder if they’re going to pull a « Jurassic Park » on us and start growing baby dinosaurs? I mean, with genetic science, can they extract some DNA and clone it? Where do you store live dinosaurs? 

Speaking of meteors, scientists in Russia are currently developing the ultimate protection shield against meteorites:

But let’s get to the core of this post, the REALLY important stuff, the question we ALL want an answer to (admit it!): what happens to all the Disney princesses AFTER their happily ever after? John Cozart, aka PAINT, answers that question in this hilarious video (and the guy has serious talent!).

The Princesses and Persie are going to kill me for this…
On this optimistic and happy note, y’all have an amazing week end, but most of all:



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