Brèves d’Halloween or how to scare yourself just researching the internet….

Hello everyone, 

A bit of an early posting this week! As you may have noticed all around you, it’s Halloween today. To stick to the general mood, we have decided to have scary brèves today! So, here you go, top 3 of the most haunted places in London! 

1. Tower of London
Apparently, it would one of the most ghostly inhabited  places  in the UK. This is not really surprising as this place built by William the conqueror, has been : a castle, a prison, a place of many many executions… You will remember Ann Boleyn who was beheaded there… The story is that you can see a lot of famous royal ghosts on full moon nights such as Lady Jane Gray, The 2 princes, Henry the VIth and even a bear!

2- Highgate cemetery:

And that’s just the entrance…

Highgate was built in the Victorian period. It already looks nicely creepy, like a peculiarly dark Tim
Burton movie… Well, guess what, it’s haunted and apparently there’s even vampires leaving in it! On the cultural side, if you ever want to go and visit (I would recommend a bright sunny day), you can see Karl Marx’s grave. 

3- The Viaduct Tavern: 

What would London be without its pubs, I’ll tell you, freaking boring! Even they are haunted! The Viaduct Tavern has a reputation of being the most haunted place in London ! It was built on a former jail, with cells still visible in the basement. There is some odd stories of waiters being locked in the closet without any good reason, or the lights in the ladies room being turned off by… no one… 

Well that’s it for me, but there are many many other haunted places in London, you should try a scary tour if you have the chance (let us know if you do!). 

Enjoy Halloween! 



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