Hi all, 

So, I know week time is usually for books or foods, but I HAD to tell you about Broadchurch. 

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it is a British series broadcasted on ITV channel in March-April 2013. 

The show follows, over 8 episodes, DI Alec Hardy (David Tennant) and local DS Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) as they investigate the death of 11 year old Danny Latimer in the small town of Broadchurch, Dorset. 

I’d wanted to see the show since it was announced as I am a great fan of David Tennant (he’s not only my favourite Dr Who, but generally a great actor). It took me a while to get to it though, as it seemed to be quite intense and clearly not a comedy, which didn’t fit my current mood. Yet some things are meant to be, so after I found myself stuck at home on crutches for a few days, with the internet down (yes, it WAS a nightmare!), my flatmate kindly lent me her DVDs – I thought it would last me a couple of days: I watched all 8 episodes in a row (well… I didn’t get much sleep that night!)

I think Broadchurch deserves all the praise it has received and more. The filming and pictures are stunning and not just thanks to the gorgeous scenery. The story line is gripping and all the twists work smoothly, the characters are amazing and the acting excellent. 

It hooks you up without the usual end-of-episode cliffhanger, action packed scenes and sugar coating. It is beautiful in a terrible and efficient way. We follow Hardy and Miller, but also each member of that close knit community, with a minimalistic and factual approach, yet so much information and emotion is conveyed that you can’t help hurting for this family and dying to know what happened. 

Their story is just told as it is, no character is presented in a better or worse light, and as you get to know everyone, you find yourself suspecting them all and, at the same time, desperately wishing that none of them is responsible for what happened. 

I think this show epitomises the amazing potential and qualities of British television, and drama in general. Not only are British actors some of the best in the world (thanks to their classical theatre training?), the Brits have this ability to present life in all its ugliness and beauty without trying to soften the edges or manipulate the viewers emotions (not too obviously at least) yet with great stories and entertainment (I mean do I need to say it? Dr Who? Shelock Holmes?). They also have an audience who can appreciate that. Don’t get me wrong, they have some of the worst shows ever and I still can’t get used to their fondness for provocative vulgarity and grim perversion – but they very regularly produce such gems as Broadchurch (although unfortunately a lot of them are globally overlooked). 

GO BRITS! (I can’t believe I just said that, all our French readers have now disowned me…)

Anyways, just watch it (before Fox carry out their threat of producing a US remake of it, argh) and please come back to let us know what you thought!




2 réflexions sur “Broadchurch

  1. Yes, the case is closed at the end of the season, most secondary questions are also answered. I think they're planning on doing a second series anyways.


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